Please & Thank You Monthly Update: April 2024

Spring is here and you know it. Admit it.

Have you ever taken a trip down a slow-moving river with your best friend on a little raft that the two of you made with thine own two hands? Let me tell you, it’s a beautiful experience and April is the perfect month for it. If you haven’t, I beg of ye, take some time to put together a plan, gather some wood, construct a raft, grab the necessary sundry items, and cruise down the river toward your destiny.

Who knows what lies ahead? Will it be beautiful? Will it be heartwarming? Will it be exciting? It can be all of those things and more if your river leads to an incredible concert.
​So please, don’t miss your chance to see some of this season’s most iconic tours and events. For more information, check out our full newsletter.

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