Please & Thank You Monthly Update: May 2024

May Is The Most Mysterious Month

Please imagine me clearing my throat and sitting beautifully in front of a crowd of my adoring fans (you) while I recite this exquisite poem that I wrote by myself without help from anybody else.

How many days
In the month of May?
May never say

Try as they might
Both day and night
They cannot get
The answer right

May is the most
Mysterious month
Filled with ghosts
And treasure hunts

So good luck to ye
On your journey
To a concert
As a VIP

I bet you didn’t think I’d be able to tie-in music or concerts or VIP packages into my poem about the number of days in the month of May, did you? Well, shame on you for doubting me.

I am the preeminent poet of this generation. I am a true artist, and speaking of artists, please don’t miss your chance to see some of this season’s most iconic tours and events by some of the world’s most entertaining artists. For more information, check out the full newsletter.

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